A company operating since 1972 in the sector of plastics and metal, the Life enterprise combines technology with enthusiasm, experience with a farsighted attitude, having in mind a well-defined mission: to become a new global benchmark in te world of automation.
In order to reach this goal, Life company has brought  together a team of highly qualified and motivated staff who have absolute freedom in developing completely original projects. Life solutions are the result of careful technological and marketing research, and above all is the desire to create something completely new, based on a philosophy which is equally forward thinking.


Live the new range of opportunities Home Integration that Life offers and you will find out that automations have new frontiers that easily integrate with the rest of the home. For successful installations, Life is a guarantee for easy, quality solutions, supported by materials and products built for long-time lasting.
Safety is an overall must at Life, a philosophy based upon the customer's need to be protected at any stage and under any working condition.
Now Life gives you even more, offering customized innovative solutions, to make your performance simpler and more pleasant than ever.


Based upon the market's actual requirements, Life brings its solutions even further, forecasting the need of increasing interaction with the ''domotics'' of tomorrow: from closing systems to lighting, from air-conditioning to electrical appliances.




The Life quality starts from designing phase and is guaranteed by using the best components and by an accurate engineering; is certified by the best-known certifying person, in accordance with international provisions.
Life offers for professional companies and private persons a complete range of customized services - before, during and after installation. From merchandising to financial services, from designing to training, from computerized technical assistance to phone service for technical information and specific requirement.




Life  products are created throughout the synergy between two different specialized departments, one in charge of electronics and the other of mechanical parts, both engaged in developing the most innovative solutions available: Life's solutions is to make a difference in automation world.


With Life, even the most evolved and complicated systems become easy to install, thanks to a wide range of solutions been already foreseen during the designing phase. More, easy to follow and detailed installing instruction are supplied: therefore, installing save time, they make the best of their work and achieve the best professional results.

At Life safety is a basic value that underlies each project or solution, expressed through preventing any inconvenience via sophisticated electronic systems and through the inaccessible remote control codes, which protect in time the client's investment.